The Boss Is Hungry: Every Food or Drink Name-Dropped in a Rick Ross Song

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One of the many spectacles on Rick Ross’s God Forgives, I Don’t (out, finally, this week) is a song called “Diced Pineapples,” which turns out to be not so much about canned fruit as it is about sex. Still, the song’s title is part of the long, time-honored tradition that is Rozay rapping about food. Lobster bisque, SpaghettiOs, chocolate milk — entire restaurants could be run from his musical food diary. And truly, the man can turn any food stuff into a synonym for money. It is a gift. So, in honor of the Boss’s culinary enthusiasm, here, now, is a list of pretty much every single vaguely edible item ever mentioned in a Rick Ross song or verse. (Yes, metaphors count.)


* Baguettes (“Hustle Hard Remix” (Ace Hood song): Rolex embedded with princess and baguettes)
* Biscuit (“This is the Life”: Started with a biscuit now I got a loaf/ Hoes wanna slice I wann tell her no/ But I can’t I get a rush blowin dough)
* Bread (“All the Money in the World”: Bust his ass his whole life, just want to break bread with him)
* Dough (“Fountain of Youth”: From the churches I rose, only loving the dough)
* Loaf (“Mafia Music 2”: My last loaf was gift wrapped by Castro)
* Toast (“Told Y’all” (Trina song): East to west coast I’m the best wit toast)


* Cap’n Crunch (“Deeper Than Rap”: Shotty all in the kitchen, heard over a bowl of cereal/ This deeper than rap/ I guess a box of Cap’n Crunch get you deeper than that)
* Pancakes (“Heavy Artillery” (Game song): My shit pancakes, my shit three wheels)
* Trix (“BET MMG Cypher”: Now my watch fruity colors like Trix in a box)
* Turkey Bacon (“Sixteen”: Waking up to turkey bacon and my thick queen)


* Rice (“On Top of the World”: I put it on my life/ Chickens put me in position to donate the rice)
* Rice (“White Sand Pt. II”: Got cooked up, scrape right from out the bottom of that rice pan)
* Spaghetti (“Molasses” (Raekwon song): Sparkin’ purple once a nigga done spaghetti slurpin’)
* Spaghetti (“Summer’s Mine”: You niggas is petty, you niggas spaghetti)
* SpaghettiOs (“The World Is Ours”: I’m just making ends meet with this plate of food/ Went from SpaghettiOs to a new set of Vogues)
* SpaghettiOs (“Usual Suspects”: Feed the fam boy, I put that on these canned goods/ As my fetti grow, fuck her, feed her SpaghettiOs)


* Blue cheese (“Mafia Music”: Trunk full of white, car smell like blue cheese)
* Butter (“Cross That Line”: Can’t cut it stay choppin’ through the butter nigga)
* Cheddar (“Here I Am”: More better, more cheddar)
* Cheese (“Colors” (Sean Kingston song): Gettin cheese out a rat trap like I’m that close)
* Cheese (“MMG Untouchable”: A nigga cheese dripping, I like my nachos hot)
* Chocolate milk (“I’m Only Human”: He never knew chocolate milk make you fart real bad)
* Yogurt (“White Sand Pt. II”: First time I whipped it, that shit looked like some yogurt)


* Chips (“I Swear to God”: Salty, we the only niggas eating chips)
* Chips (“Beat Build” (T-Pain song): Sweet tea mob, We up to no good/ I bought the ice cream, I bought the hot sasha/ I bought potato chips, but now it’s Red Lobster) *Note, cross reference with sweets, dairy, general meals


* Grey Poupon (“I’m Ballin’” (J Money song): Own restaurants, croissants, my Grey Poupons)
* Mayo (“I’m So Hood” (DJ Khaled song): Mo’ money, mo’ mayo, the yayo in millions I made ‘em)
* Sauce (“Lights Get Low” (Freeway song): Maybach that’s my flying sauce)


* Champagne (“Boss”: Pour that Champagne, boss)
* Champagne (“Amsterdam”: Crack game, Champagne, kilos on the stock exchange)
* Champagne (“Hard in the Paint Freestyle”: I’m rolling up the purple and I’m sippin pink/ Champagne drown a bitch til she gotta pee)
* Ciroc (“Even Deeper”: Ciroc in my margarita in Mexico)
* Ciroc (“MMG Untouchable”: Panamera parade, sippin’ Ciroc lemonade)
* Cointreau (“All I Have in This World”: Sippin on that Remy outside of the club)
* Coca -Cola (“Perfectionist” (MMG song):” Coca-Cola minx, canary yellow stones”)
* Dom Perignon (“Mafia Music 2”: I’m the don inshallah, now pour me my Dom)
Moët (“Mafia Music”: Celebratin’ wealth, pourin’ Moët in her hair)
* Mojitos (“I Swear to God”: Or Colombians, sipping mojitos with leaves, nigga)
* Purple (“Hold Me Back”: Then I start sippin’ purple, got my shit screwed)
* Rosé (“Ashton Martin Music”: A lot fo quiet time pink bottles of rosé/ I don’t drink every bottle I own. I be agin’ shit)
* 7Up/Coca-Cola (“Maybach Music III”: I’mma 7Up, and needa Coca-Cola loan)
* Tea (“On Top of the World”: I watch ‘em snort a powder all while I’m chillin’ sippin tea/ Lemons and honey, millions and money)
* Soda (“Bag of Money”: It’s just my soda mixed with brown)
* Syrup (“Last Breath”: Still sippin’ that syrup, might front you a block)
* Vodka/Rum (“Anything to Find You”: I feel for you, vodka, rum on my arm)
* Wine (“Mafia Music remix”: Cracking rabs at the tables, count the cash, crack the wine)


* Chick-fil-A (“Magic”: Them bricks be jumping fast/ Call me a Chick-fil-A)
* Chuck E. Cheese (“Mafia Music 2”: If she fucking me she lucky just to get some Chuck E. Cheese)
* Crustaceans (“Finest Hour” (Jay Rock’s song): When I’m in L.A. we meet at Crustaceans)
* Krispy Kreme (“Now That I’m Paid”: Parked the Chevy in that thing, glaze like Kris Kreme)
* Popeyes (“Billionaire”: It’s all the same gang, posted up in front of Popeyes in the Maybach, nigga)
* Prime 112 (“Comfortable Freestyle”: Big belly mon still eatin’ this shit don’t stop/ that Prime 112 it’s a delicacy)
* Publix (“Bricks”: My attitude is “Fuck it,” house big as Publix)
* Red Lobster (“O Let’s Do It Remix” (Waka Flocka song): Took my bitch to Red Lobster, I cain’t feed no friends, ho!)
* Wingstop (“MC Hammer”: She thinking Phillipe’s, I’m thinking Wingstop/ Fiending lemon pepper, I got my thing cocked)
* Wingstop (“Trap Boomin’” (Gucci Mane song): When I hit a lick it I bought a Wingstop (twenty of em)/ I sprinkle lemon pepper in that re-up)
* Wingstop (“Do Sumthing Strange” (Ludacris song): She super sexy so I treat her to my Wingstop)


* Bananas (“Bananas”)
* Banana (“High Definition”: When they talkin’ slick I double back with that banana)
* Berries (“Made Men”: Wiz Khalifa papers smoking my favorite berries)
* Cantaloupe (“100 Keys”: The game a bitch, but at times she sweet like cantaloupe)
* Grapes (“Prayer”: One, the grapes on the plate/ Two, the tags on the feet)
* Key limes (“Cigar Music (I Do It): As I recline cut em like key lime/ We both came now its right back to the tea time/ I wanna soda with no vogo and no cheap wine)
* Peach (“This Me”: When the beef’s over might see the peach rover/ We eats but we try to reach each quota/ No soda Rolls roller one on her)
* Peaches (“Blood Money (DJ Khaled song)” Far from peaches and cream/ Niggas deceased on the scene)
* Pineapples (“Diced Pineapples”)
* Pineapple (“Heavy Artillery”: I pull up at the light, pineapple in your car)
* Strawberry (“Mirrors Remix”: Strawberry swisher sweets with my Aston)
* Watermelons (“911”: I remember picking watermelons)


*Gravy (“I’m Just Doing My Thing”: Making sure my lil’ misses out here living gravy)


* Beans (“Way Mo”: Rollin on two beans in them new blue jeans)
* PB&J (“Pandemonium”: No more peanut butter sandwiches/ Now we looking at loaves)
* Peanuts (“Brand New”: (Yung Joc song): Air train and peanuts, it’s time to slide ho)


* Beef (“Mafia Music”: That boy get salad, beef bowel movements/ Beef I’ll make you dinner, take a seat so we could eat/ A Farrakhan aura, pause on the pork/ You eat from the bowl, while your dog need a fork)
* Pork (“By Any Means” (Wale Song): Pork on the fork, white in the pot)
* Steak (“Gunplay”: I’m a boss Champagne with the steak/ pink Rosay Jason, ace by the cake)
* Steak (“Hold Me Back”: Everything whipped well, I’m eatin’ steak, no more soup)
* Steaks (“Southern Gangsta” (Ludacris song): I used to serve shake, now I serve steaks)
* Whopper (“Choppa Choppa Down” (French Montana song): I call my chopper my whopper/ you get it just like you want it)


* Chickens (“Hustlin’”: I feed ‘em steroids to strengthen up all my chickens)
* Chicken (“King of Diamonds”: Pop a chicken in that grease and make one into two)
* Chicken Wings (“I Love My Bitches”: 50 cash in the Louis for the chicken wings)


* Assorted crustaceans (“Maybach Music”: And the muscle be that muzzle, when I stuff it in your grill/ Stuffed shells — thanks to crack, I crack / Crab and lobsters, not al all mobsters)
* Caviar (“BMF”: Blunt tip, orange like caviar)
* Crab legs (“New Bugatti”: Order crab legs with the heavy butter)
* Crab meats (“Mafia Music”: Now I’m in the suites and I’m eatin’ crab meats)
* Fish (“Yacht Club”: I’m into fine fish with a slight lime twist/ Veggies on the side of course, kush appetizers)
* Lobster bisque (“I Love My Bitches”: Am I really just a narcissist/ Cause I wake up to a bowl of lobster bisque?)
* Lobster salad (“Down in Tha Dirty” (Ludacris song): Pimp, ask Khaled, lobster salad)
* Lobster tails (“Hit U From the Back”: Flippin chickens for the sushi/ Look at me I cook for her/ Then I make her cook for me/ She make me cooker her lobster tails/ I maker her go and cook a key/ Excellent pimp salty the shrimp)
* Shrimp (“Mafia Music 2”: Now it’s mo shrimp, nigga order more shrimp)
* Yellow tail/ red snapper (“Fire Hazard”: Time to feed all my niggas this Columbian fish/ Yellow tail, red snapper, wood chopper, gold yacht master)


* Lemon pepper (“King of Diamonds”: Take your bitch to get lemon pepper in a new Lotus)
* Salt and pepper (“Boss”: Sprinkle soft cause I’m the pepper and the salt)
* Salt and pepper (“Push It Remix”: Cause in ’95 I used to push it like salt n’ pepper/ Graduated to baking soda”)
* Sofrito (“Harsh” (Styles P Song): Link with Dominicanos, straight to sofrito)


* Butterscotch (“On Top of the World”: Burnin’ butter got it smellin’ like it’s butterscotch)
* Cake (“If I Die Today” (Lil Wayne song): Ain’t it funny, mama, only son be baking cakes)
* Cake (“In Cold Blood”: Make a lil cake, haters wanna envy)
* Cake (“Yella Diamonds”: I’m whippin’ cake up like I’m Jacob, nigga)
* Candy (“For Da Low”: Candy all in da paint, rims deep in da dirt/ Gotta car full of work, nigga pocket’s full of herb/ Choppa on da front seat, sucka if you want beef)
* Caramel (“Albert Pujols”: Talking caramel with them asses like the strippers)
* Carrot cake (“I’m a Boss Remix” (Meek Mill Song): When the work clean, cut it like it’s carrot cake)
* Cheesecake (“Amsterdam”: Slice of cheesecake before my niggas all decease)
* Cheesecake (“Comfortable Freestyle”: Aventura Mall top it off wit cheesecake/ Sweet lemonade help a nigga ventilate)
* Cheesecake (“I’m a G”: Need cheesecake like Fredrick)
* Cream (“Mirrors Remix”: Now I deal with big cream theme Maybach)
* Cream (“Mafia Music remix”: My Coretta Scott-King in the tub full of cream/ Pink Champagne seem to take away the pain)
* Doughnut (“Shawt Bus Reloaded”: I just found a doughnut under my breast/ I’mma tell you something and don’t think that I’m weird/ I eat leftover food that gets stuck in my beard/ Powdered doughnuts, leftover chili/ Sit in the back of the bus and make it pop a wheelie)
* Marshmallows (“Get Away”: No marshmallows, we let the dro burn)
* Pie (“I’m Not a Star”: I got a bake sale, bitch it’s 30’ for the pie/ 9 for the slice, dummy that’s a Dan Marino)
* Pie (“Money Make Me Come”: Let her count the cheese let her see the pies)
* Pie (“This Me”: I need a slice of the pie fo five six)


* Broccoli (“Here I Am”: Job like roxy, spark that broccoli)
* Cabbage (“Addicted to Money”: I ain’t eating Jacksons when I be in over town/ Bitch I’m eatin lavish/ look up ho it’s snowing now/ I just throw the cabbage
* Caesar salad (“Speedin”: Caesar salad, Caesar’s Palace)
* Carrots (“Lay Back”: Her flavor superb, I pay her with carrots)
* Collard greens (“John Doe ”: I’m peeling collard greens, that 30 carats)
* Lettuce (“Mirrors Remix”: Got a yellow carat now I smoke lettuce)
* Spinach (“Yacht Club”: Okay who rolling spinach? Cause I’m reeling the anchor)
* Spinach (“Colors”: He green as spinach just another lame middle man)


* You (“I’m Just Doing My Thing”: Eat you like a plate of food)

Every Food Item Name-Dropped in a Rick Ross Song