‘Fineshrine’ Video: Purity Ring’s Shady Adonis Cult

Here is what we can be sure of, after three viewings of the video for “Fineshrine,” off Purity Ring’s upcoming debut (Shrines, out July 24): Both humans in this video have a lot of cuts and bruises, as if they are taking those sternum-cutting lyrics pretty seriously. The male in question also has a stone torso — which means that human was perhaps a generous word, though we could be in a transitional phase here — and his bandages could be covering up a lot more marble (skull, right arm — who knows). The woman in question has some basic nurse training and an extreme respect for pullover sweaters, bodies of water, and large Greek statues. She might be dreaming; He might be the titular shrine. Maybe we all got Incepted by Adonis around the twelfth second! Who can really tell? Bonus: If you’re in the market for more music-video weirdness, the Shins just released “It’s Only Life,” which features James Mercer getting abducted by suburban monsters. Have at it.

‘Fineshrine’ Video: Purity Ring’s Adonis Cult