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Last Night on Late Night: Fred Willard Addressed the ‘Lewd Act’ That Led to his PBS Firing

Last night on Late Night, Fred Willard, having been caught in his own Pee-wee Herman act in a movie theater last week, admitted that, while he “did nothing wrong,” he is enduring an “embarrassing, very painful” time. Besides, it was his investigative nature that had gotten him in the hot seat — “The whole adult theater thing,” he ejaculated, “I thought they were gone, and I see this one, and it had such a Polynesian, exotic look to it. I said, ‘maybe, there’s hula dancers in here!’” As for the movie he had elected to see? It wasn’t Anaconda; “Sadly, it was Get Shorty,” he laughed off. Plus: Joel McHale, at David Letterman’s charge, tried to explain the Chevy Chase drama surrounding Community. There were “creative differences,” yadda, yadda, but, more interestingly, not only does Chase engage in fights with Dan Harmon but also McHale. But in the literal sense. “He will come into me, and he goes, ‘Hey, boy,’ and he starts slapping me on the forehead,” McHale said, “We will wrestle and fool around, but then he gets pissed at me if I hurt him.” Also, Olivia Munn can’t stand a man’s “sexy face,” even Conan’s. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Fred Willard Addressed Lewd Act and PBS Firing