Get Ready for that ‘Twins’ Sequel You Never Knew You Wanted

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed at Comic-Con that a sequel to Twins is in the works. The original was a mega-smash, back in the day when movie stars like Arnold basically printed money. Ivan Reitman, who produced and directed the original, is coming back. No word yet on Danny Devito’s status, but he’s probably available. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure no one is really clamoring for a movie just about Julius Benedict. In March, the rumor going around was that the film would be titled Triplets and feature Eddie Murphy as the third brother, which is so unbelievable that it actually makes sense. Fun fact: Did you know that not only was Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor of California once, he actually got reelected? Crazy, right?

Get Ready for that ‘Twins’ Sequel You Never Knew You […]