‘Goin’ In’ Video: J. Lo Steps Up to the Revolution

Step Up: Revolution, the fourth installment of the seminal dance movie series, is not in theaters until tomorrow, but if you cannot wait — if you positively cannot live in a Step Up–less world any longer (and Vulture feels you) — then Jennifer Lopez’s “Goin’ In” video is here to save the day! Because it is essentially a Step Up 4 trailer with footage of fluorescent J. Lo cut in. (She also has bedazzled lips. And a giant pink cape. And two pet wolves, or wolf dogs, or some combination thereof. Post-Idol J. Lo should be interesting!) Flo Rida makes a cameo instead of Moose, and the liquor placement is a little hard to overlook, but otherwise … look, it’s only ten hours until the movie is out. This will do in the meantime.

‘Goin In’ Video: J.Lo Steps Up to the Revolution