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Katie Holmes Gives Her First Post-Split Interview at Whole Foods

Katie Holmes seen leaving the New School at Parsons School of Design after taping 'Project Runway' in New York City.
Photo: Splash News

As we enter Day Seven of TomKat Watch, some breaking news from the Katie Holmes camp: Katie has spoken! A New York Daily News reporter approached Holmes in the aisles of Whole Foods on the Fourth of July, and the future ex-Mrs. Cruise had this to say about her current situation:

“I’m alright. Thank you.”

She then took some pictures of Suri in a pink cowboy hat.

Meanwhile, Elle just published snippets from a Holmes interview done before the divorce, in which Katie uttered the phrase, “I’m starting to come into my own. It’s a new phase.” Technically, Holmes was answering a question about turning 30, but Elle really wants you to believe that it applies to her marital woes, too. “Katie didn’t speak about Tom in a lovey-dovey way at all,” an anonymous source tells “Page Six.” “She deflected the Tom questions and brought them around to herself.” Because she didn’t love Tom anymore, see?

Finally, here’s an article quoting several ex-Scientologists who are very sure that Katie Holmes will bring the church tumbling down. David Miscavige’s niece is onboard! Things are heating up in here.

Holmes Gives Her First Post-Split Interview