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Homeland Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con: Fourteen Things to Know About Season Two

Damian Lewis as Nicholas
Photo: Kent Smith/Showtime

When we last left off, Carrie’s brain was about to be zapped, erasing her incriminating memories of Brody, who indeed was Abu Nazir’s mole and about to take an advisory role to the vice-president. Now, we have been given a hint as to what happens next: Late Thursday afternoon, Showtime debuted the season two trailer at Comic-Con. Here’s what you should know (mild spoilers ahead!):

1. The first two episodes take place in Beirut, and the show was shot on location in Israel. Bad things are going down there.

2. After her electroshock treatment, Carrie will be recuperating in the care of her sister and father.

3. But she will refuse dad’s pancakes.

4. Part of her healing will be a new job: She’s teaching!

5. Saul keeps calling Carrie without leaving messages. Carrie’s sister doesn’t approve.

6. But basically, the CIA needs her help.

7. Again, her sister doesn’t approve.

8. Carrie’s going back undercover. And she’ll have — wait for it — brown hair.

9. Meanwhile, Brody’s advising the vice-president.

10. He still has to explain to someone, “I’m not a terrorist!”

11. Uh oh, Carrie’s going to break protocol again. Her boss David: “Keep her on a short leash — that was the plan!”

12. Not sure the zapping her brain worked. Cries Carrie: “Being really wrong about Brody, it really fucked me up because I’ve never been so sure and so wrong.”

13. Brody’s still got his very own copy of the Koran

14. Claire Danes’s real-life pregnancy won’t affect Carrie. The character will remain “un-pregnant,” executive producer Howard Gordon said.

Homeland Season 2 Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con