Watch a Supercut of House Hunters Eating on House Hunters

Lately, we’ve fallen into watching House Hunters marathons from beginning to end. The simple premise for the show is what makes it so delicious: a house hunter or two check out three possible homes, one of which they choose to make their own, no matter how loud you scream “Take the ranch, you idiots!” at the screen. (Despite the recent kerfuffle over the show’s authenticity, we couldn’t care less how much of it is staged.) One thing we’ve noticed over the course of our binges is that buying a house makes people hungry — so hungry that barely an episode goes by in which a couple doesn’t visit a restaurant, green market, or cheese counter. Honestly, though? We’d be eating our feelings, too, if we were about to take on a mortgage on national television.

Watch a House Hunters Eating Supercut