‘How I Met Your Mother’ to Get a Soundtrack And Beginning to Its End

Like Lost before it, How I Met Your Mother has gotten to the point where it’s going be less setting up mysteries and more solving them. Hopefully, unlike Lost, this conclusion will be wholly satisfying. The most immediate question is whether the show has one or two seasons left. And though the negotiations are looking optimistic for a ninth season, HIMYM co-showrunner Craig Thomas told Vulture: “We are shooting the premiere to launch the final season of How I Met Your Mother. Whether it’s the final season or not, I don’t know. But the premiere sets us up to end it.” He goes on to explain that the premiere will put us inside Robin and Barney’s wedding, closer to the mother than ever before, as fans of the show know, Ted meets the mother at the wedding. [Spoiler alert for this next sentence] Also, he reveals that Barney and his fiancé Quinn will break up in the second episode, to free actress Becki Newton up to star in Goodwin Games, a show created by HIMYM’s creators. [Spoiler alert over. Game on!] Thomas was also very confident that they’ll be able to keep the mother a secret until she’s revealed to Ted and the audience. Not a secret is that, after seven musical seasons, the show is finally releasing a soundtrack, How I Met Your Music, on iTunes the night of next season’s premiere, September 24. It will include “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suite,” the whole Robin Sparkles oeuvre, and a version of the “Bang-Bang-Bangity-Bang song,” Thomas explained, “perhaps with a slight New Orleans theme.” It’s too bad it’s not being released in stores, as that would be the perfect time to sing “Lets Go to the Mall.”

‘How I Met Your Mother’ to Get a Soundtrack And […]