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Last Night on Late Night: Jeff Daniels Slammed Aaron Sorkin’s Head at Newsroom Audition

Last night on Late Night, Jeff Daniels demonstrated how he slammed Aaron Sorkin’s head onto a desk to prove he was the perfectly irascible man for The Newsroom. He also confirmed that “Next week is a big week” for Dumb & Dumber To whose fate will be decided by the Time Warner execs. Apparently, the Farrelly brothers are now working on a rewrite, and Jim Carrey is back onboard. Plus: Bryan Cranston, clad in nothing but a ski mask, streaked a Jack in the Box drive-through; and Kate Beckinsale, bound to the mission of Clandestine Classics to eroticize classic literature, delivered a seductive reading of Moby Dick. All this in addition to an odd BFF development between Newt Gingrich and Snooki on the Tonight Show. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.

Jeff Daniels Slammed Aaron Sorkin for Newsroom