‘The Keepers’ Video: Santigold Likes Green Eggs, Ham, Fish, Jell-O …

In fairness to whoever prepared the retro delights featured in Santigold’s new video, at least some of those foods — the pea soup, the lime Jell-O, the turkey — are their proper color. The neon green fish is a little troubling, though, and God only knows what is in the swamp water that Santigold happily serves to her be-wigged Stepford friends. We would assume it’s some sort of protective potion, to ward off random drive-by shootings, but the milkman is definitely carrying green milk and (spoiler) he definitely does not escape the tragedy. Maybe the green stuff helps with zippy dancing. Bonus game: spot the GZA cameo! (Kick Kennedy is in there, too, if you’re up on your post-Camelot.)

‘The Keepers’ Video: Santigold Likes Green Food