Kyle Kinane Explains How a Comment about Colin Kane Turned into a Twitter Debacle

If you follow fantastic comedian Kyle Kinane on Twitter (and you should), you might’ve noticed the crazy shitstorm that happened yesterday. Basically, he tried to explain that people should stop giving Colin Kane the publicity he thrives on by bitching loudly and calling him an asshole. He suggested instead they ignore him, so he’ll just go away. The Internet saw this as a tacit endorsement of Kane (which it wasn’t, as Kinane calls Kane’s act, “misguided, lazily-written and mean-spirited”) and decided to attack Kinane for it by calling him a misogynist homophobe who wants babies to die of AIDS (which he isn’t). Again, these were the people he was trying to help. Kinane deleted all of his tweets from this fiasco but you can read his account of the events over on his blog. Then maybe we can all just relax for a day, just like the founding fathers would’ve wanted.

Kyle Kinane Explains How a Comment about Colin Kane […]