Let’s Look at the New ‘Arrested Development’ Script and Dream

Oh, the magic and jokes and jokes about magic that must be within this .pdf! What’s going to happen!?!?! Ron Howard, who tweeted this image (see it blown up below), said the script was, “Very very funny :-)” and had “Lots of lines for the narrator!” Ok, That’s something! Also, it seems like the first episode will be entitled “Michael”. That’s pretty cool. Maybe to get more info we should camp outside the listed Culver City office or call the given phone number. “Hello. Is Mitch there? This is not a Arrested Development fan who wants to just hear his voice and try to extrapolate spoilers from its tone. Hello? Hello? You there? Did you hang up? NOOOO!!!!”

Let’s Look at the New ‘Arrested Development’ Script […]