‘Louie’ Recap: ‘Daddy’s Girlfriend: Part 1’

The following were the 5 best things about last night’s episode of Louie, “Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 1)”, in chronological order.

“When are YOU gonna have a girlfwend?”

Lilly asked her dad this after Jane mentioned that their mother had a “friend” who was terrified on a blimp once. Because she said it so cutely she didn’t come off as as much of an asshole as she probably should have. From that point on Louie would not stop thinking about getting himself a lady to show off to his kids.

Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford is great, and she got to say things like “I’m all dicked up in the head.” C.K. was so desperate to jump straight into a relationship with a woman that would actually want to talk to his children that he ruined a no strings attached all-about-disappointing-sex relationship with Maria Bamford. Oh Louis.

The Dream Sequences

Where every other television show makes the audience aware that the character is fantasizing with a cheesy sound effect and/or soft focus, Louie has Jean-Luc Godard direct the protagonist’s sex dreams. They made the fact that C.K. was going from classroom door to classroom door looking for the next mother of his children and wanting to furiously make out with a woman while she was talking about what books to possibly purchase for his 10 year old daughter a lot less creepy, and his sexual desires seem pretentious, but classy.

Louie Still Hates Himself

Before going into the bookstore for a third time and finally getting the nerve to ask Parker Posey out on a date, Louie gave himself a shave. After Louie finished he took a moment to reflect on how much he dislikes his physical appearance.

And when he turned around to leave for the bookstore for a split second you can see that there’s shaving cream on the back of his head.

Louie’s Speech

I know that being a woman in New York must be hard because it’s basically maybe disappointing because you try to be nice to men as human beings and then they respond by just torpedoing towards your vagina.  I want you to know that I’m aware that you’re young and beautiful and I’m not either of those things and part of me knows that once my lips stop moving you’re gonna say no but please think of the fact that it’s low risk what I’m asking.  You just come out with me for a drink and even if you got up and left in the middle of the one drink I wouldn’t hold it against you.  so just make a judgment that nothing horrible would happen if you came out with me.  I think you’re so attractive, I’m attracted to you because you are nice and you are a decent person and other reasons that you probably want people to be attracted to.  And also you’re horribly cute, you’re cute as hell and I grow on people, women, as time goes by you get past the bald head and I sweat a lot and I’m lumpy.  I’ve run out of things to say can you tell me now?  Did this work?

It’s hard to ask a woman out; sometimes they say “no”! It would be a lot easier if you had Louis C.K. around as your Cyrano de Bergerac to write heartfelt, honest and funny soliloquies for you.

Of course, the odds are slim that Ms. Posey will be around past part 2 of “Daddy’s Girlfriend”, but it’s nice to know that the quixotic, potty mouthed hopeless romantic Louis C.K. character can get the girl every once in awhile.

Things To Say While Growing A Garden Indoors

- “I don’t even jerk off to her that’s how much i like her. I still just jerk off to that wedding album I found in the garbage.” Wedding album I found in the garbage?

- “I’m sorry I dicked you up in the head.”

- “You’re bad at sex.”

Things to Ponder Before Stabbing Ellen 

- Did the reality show bits work for you? They didn’t really work for me. WhenChappelle’s Show’s ran their classic Real World parody from almost ten(!) years ago we said that was all the reality show parodies we’re ever going to need, and we are still correct.

- Pamela Adlon got co-story credit for this episode. Will she appear this season in front of the camera? C.K. has gone on record to say that she wont, but he might be a damn liar.

- Did either of C.K.’s daughters get their hands on that book about flowers? Or was that all bullshit?

- Was Parker Posey about to say no before Louie launched into his soliloquy? Was it better than his speech last season to Pamela?

Roger Cormier pronounces it tir-uh-nee, like a normal person.

‘Louie’ Recap: ‘Daddy’s Girlfriend: Part 1’