‘Louie’ Recap: ‘Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 2)’

The lesson from Louis C.K. seems to be depressing as hell, but true: people always disappoint. The more you get to know somebody, the more they reveal themselves to you with their words and actions, the closer you are to discovering something wrong with them. They stop being the perfect creature that seem to only exist to will you to change your life for the better and to invigorate your lifeless mind and soul that you envisioned them to be and become something much much worse — a human being.

As is the case with this show sometimes, what could easily have been a middling or boring thirty minute episode of something we all have seen before with a standard log line was instead yet another example of C.K. dropping another masterpiece on our laps, elevating the standards of what television could be. Manic Pixie Dream Girls have been discussed on the internets this week, withthe super cuts and the Ruby Sparks movie coming out today and all, but Parker Posey on last night’s Louie revealed herself more to be a Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl (sorry). But instead of simply being a “crazy lady” that Louis doesn’t know what to do with,  Posey’s character — who we discover in the final minute of “Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 2)” is named Liz — early in the episode explains what makes her complicated mind tick. Not unlike Rob Lowe’s character Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, Posey’s character faced near death at too soon of an age to be considering the possibility that we’re not going to live forever. Unlike Traeger however, who survived a huge health scare and as a result walks around with a sunny disposition, Posey’s soul burns with a beautiful, eccentric, carpe diem, batshit crazy flame.

From the very beginning of the episode, we knew Liz wasn’t going to be what she seemed when her and Louie walked into a bar. For possibly the first time in the show’s history, there was a scene that didn’t involve the titular character at all as Posey was told by the bartender that she wasn’t going to be served a double shot of Jager because of “the last time” that happened. Annoyed by this, Liz led Louie out of there and they performed a walk and talk on the streets of NYC where Liz did most of the talking. Talk of Carcinoma at 14, some jerk named Mandy Stewart saying she is “supposed to die or something,” becoming a 70 pound skeleton, somehow surviving, realizing Algebra is bullshit followed. You know, the usual date banter. She insisted that the two enter a vintage clothing store, and that C.K. try on a dress. He obviously was hesitant but definitely bemused, and her talk of this “maybe” being a “test” and insisting that she is not making fun of him, Louie does it.


Liz kissed him and congratulated him on doing something ca-razy, and as a reward for putting on the dress and putting up with her insisting that her name was actually Tape Recorder, they had a three minute food eating montage at Russ and Daughters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen C.K. so happy. Soon after, Louie gives some of his delicious food to a homeless man on the street, which Posey finds unsatisfactory. “Don’t you *really* want to help him?” she asked. Being one of the only homeless people in the city that can speak coherently, the man sitting on the sidewalk claimed that he couldn’t stop sneaking snakes on people, even though he knows that’s ridiculous. He needs medication that costs $30 a pill. So of course, Louie buys the man the really expensive meds and puts him up in one of those Manhattan Comfort Inns that are crammed between two bars (advertising!).

The night isn’t over quite yet. Posey insisted that they enter some random building and climb a plethora of stairs for something amazing. At one point she yelled at him like a drill instructor to get him to walk all the way up to the roof. “The woman is a derecho,” Louie must have thought. Parker Posey sat on the ledge, making both C.K. and myself very nervous. Intellectually, you know it’d be too over the top if Posey’s character killed herself, but the scene had an uncomfortable unpredictability to it, and a feeling that something bad was about to go down. I even wrote “just like Se7en” in my notes, with C.K.’s repeated pleas of getting off the ledge mirroring Brad Pitt’s “What’s in the box?” question.

“Please not stand there and come over here. Please don’t sit like that.”

“But the only way I’d fall is if I jumped. That’s why you’re afraid to come over here. Because a part of you wants to jump because it’d be so easy. But I don’t want to jump. I’d never do that. I’m having too good of a time.”


Posey looked to her left and slowly the smile faded. She knew her night and her fun was over. It was as if the realization that she knew she was never going to kill herself was depressing. It was left ambiguous, as it should have been.

“Let’s go home, okay?” Her last line of the episode was telling Louie her real name.

The closing tag was black and white Super 8 footage of silent Parker Posey sexy time, perhaps as a reminder of how perfect and beautiful Liz seemed to Louie before the date (in Part 1 all of his fantasies were in black and white), and/or just because it’s extra footage of Parker Posey that would otherwise never be used.


So maybe the lesson is more like: people always disappoint, but before they do you can have some fun, live a little with an indie movie goddess, and eat like a king. Or maybe there is no lesson, because this is supposed to be a comedy.

Things To Say While Getting That Damn Fake Snake Off Your Face

- “You’re fat. I have no tits. Let’s be honest.”

Things To Ponder While Some Asian Guy Laughs Along With Your Date

- Man that Mandy Stewart was an asshole right?

- If Parker Posey doesn’t at least get nominated for a Guest Star Emmy and receive free food from Russ and Daughters for this can we all agree that this world is an unjust ball of sad?

Roger Cormier would like to travel to an exotic place like North Dakota.

‘Louie’ Recap: ‘Daddy’s Girlfriend (Part 2)’