Louis C.K. On Auditioning for/Geeking out over Woody Allen

Lets add “answering interview questions” to the ever growing list of things Louis C.K. is amazing at. Today, A.V. Club posted a must read interview with with C.K. that thoroughly covers his work ethic, taking on The Man, and not doing a buddy cop flick with Larry the Cable Guy. One particularly endearing passage comes when he discusses how he got cast in the next Woody Allen film:

He wanted me to read, but he also wanted to meet me… I went to his office. I got there early because I was scared to be late… Then I was brought into this little room, and he’s standing there, waiting for me, in a sweater. And he looks just like Woody Allen. That thought was in my head, that he looks just like Woody Allen. And he was very sweet. He said, “Look, I don’t mean to make you read because I think you can’t act. I know you can act. I’m just not sure that you can be this kind of guy. This is a very tough guy.” So he told me to go take the sides outside, think about it, read them, and come back. And when I went outside, I was overcome emotionally. I couldn’t believe I just met him. He was very kind to me, and I met him. It was a big deal for me; I didn’t care if I got the part or not. I really didn’t care. And I went back in and read it, and my heart rate was too high, I couldn’t control it, I didn’t do a perfect job, and they didn’t give me the part. But he found something else for me. So I got a personal letter from Woody saying, “You were too nice to be this guy, but how about this other guy?” The letter was very nice, and it’s my prized possession. It’s framed. If there’s a fire, I grab my kids and then the letter.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWx10,005! It’s great when one of your favorite red-haired geniuses is fan of another one of your favorite (once) red-haired geniuses.

Louis C.K. On Auditioning for/Geeking out over Woody […]