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Seven Minor Disney Characters Who Belong on Once Upon a Time

Photo: Disney

Once Upon a Time’s second season will pretty much be Disney on Ice, now that they’re adding even more familiar characters to the show. Producers announced that in addition to Mulan and Sleeping Beauty, they’ll also be introducing Ariel, Aladdin, and Jafar next season. Why stop there, though? If we’re pulling characters from the Disney catalogue, let’s dig a little deeper, OUaT! Consider these lesser-known characters, who are just as worthy as their more famous brethren:

• Footstool, the dog/footstool from Beauty and the Beast

• The beleaguered urn vendor in Hercules

• Gus, the chubby mouse from Cinderella

• That donkey who smokes cigars in Pinocchio

• The littlest dancing mushroom in Fantasia

• The spaghetti from Lady and the Tramp

• The chub fish, as in “the chub play the tub,” (below) from Little Mermaid

Photo: Youtube
7 Minor Disney Characters for Once Upon a Time