Nick Offerman Talks His Run-Ins with Steve Carell and Michael Scott

In a great interview with the AV Club, Nick Offerman talks about all the classic Nick Offerman things, like how there should be more fishing on Parks & Recreation. He also tells the story of the first time he met Greg Daniels and Michael Schur: “Yeah, I believe I first met Greg when I went to audition for the role of—there was a character named ‘Michael Scott’?” Woah! He continued: “I went and played a song on my guitar that I ostensibly would be singing to Pam.” Woah! Woah! (Miss U Joey Russo) Can you imagine a Ron Swanson-esque Michael Scott with his “#1 Boss” mug carved out of wood? Offerman also discussed the first time he ran into the man who beat him out for that part:

I [hadn’t] seen Steve Carell since in 1993; I was hired to understudy him in a show in a theater in Chicago called Wisdom Bridge. It was this weird show in a legit theater, with him and a woman named Hollis Resnik doing, like, five different sketches. It must’ve been Second City. He was doing these five hilarious characters, and I was hired to understudy him. So sitting in rehearsals watching him, I was like, “How in the hell am I supposed to understudy this genius with his crazy characters? I don’t think I am up to this task.” Fortunately, I never had to do it.

Offerman might not have been a genius at characters but he did have a headshot featuring a giant dick. Read the description and see the picture below (vaguely NSFW):

My response to that was to get this three-quarter headshot—like, knees to head—with this huge foam latex cock about the size of my forearm and fist that I’d made for a play. I got a headshot taken with this thing hanging out of my fly and just looking defiantly at the camera. I sent it to everybody in town. [Laughs.] That was my response to being told I was gonna be playing bus drivers: “Oh yeah? Have you seen my dick?” And wonderfully, two people in town got it and thought it was really funny, and they put me in plays in their theaters.

Please stop staring at my tattoos.

Nick Offerman Talks His Run-Ins with Steve Carell and […]