Nine Questions We Hope Are Answered on Breaking Bad

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Gale Boetticher (David Costabile) - Breaking Bad - Season 4, Episode 13
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Gale Boetticher (David Costabile) - Breaking Bad - Season 4, Episode 13 Photo: Ursula Coyote/AMC 2011

It’s almost here! Breaking Bad resumes its march toward throaty misery tonight on AMC. As we prepare to dig back into the world of Albuquerque’s — and humanity’s! — dark side, let’s revisit some burning questions that are still on our minds from last season.

Will we meet the vacuum repair guy?
Walt was desperately trying to get in touch with him at the end of last season (before he realized all his money was gone). We have to meet him at some point, right?

Will Jesse find out who poisoned Brock? Where is the ricin cigarette?
Walt and Jesse’s relationship is so unstable as it is, and ricin is pretty damn dangerous.

Hank was right, and now everyone knows. Is he suddenly back in the DEA’s good graces?
Does that mean Walt has to kill him?

So now that their facility has burned down, how are Walt and Jesse going to cook meth? Are they going to? If so, how will they sell it?
Walt and Jesse burned the lab up, but good. It’s been hard enough for them to procure chemical supplies in the past. Are they going to go back to small-potatoes cooking? Where else can they find (or build?) and industrial-sized meth lab?

Has Walt effectively destabilized the entire drug trade for his region? Will that come back to bite him?
Don Eladio and his pals are dead. Gus is dead. Who is left? Who’s in charge now? Have you guys ever read Macbeth? It is a good play.

How does Mike factor in?
Mike knows everything, which makes him either a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy. Which will it be?

What’s Skylar supposed to do now?
She made Ted pay off the IRS — and that did not end well. She’s in too deep to just extricate herself, but she’s not in deep enough to control much of anything.

Are we ever going to see Wendy the meth whore again?
She is the best.

What will Walt Jr. have for breakfast?
Pancakes? Cereal????

Nine Lingering Breaking Bad Questions