Oh Hey, Matt Besser and Seth Morris, You’re in the New Apple Ads

The videos star Josh Rabinowtiz, a stand-up who just performed as part of the Just For Laughs New Faces showcase last week.

Despite the comedic talent, the ads have not been particularly well received. Ken Segall, a former ad man who had worked with Steve Jobs, wrote on his personal blog:

I know it’s hard to say after viewing the new batch of Mac ads that debuted on the Olympics. I’m still in a bit of shock myself.Sure, Apple has had a low point or two in its advertising past — but its low points are usually higher than most advertisers’ high points.This is different. These ads are causing a widespread gagging response, and deservedly so. I honestly can’t remember a single Apple campaign that’s been received so poorly.

Maybe, next time let the funny comedians make up funny things, instead of having them portray Mac costumers as needy dummies and Mac computers as complicated future machines.

Matt Besser is in the spot up top, and here’s the one with Seth Morris:

Oh Hey, Matt Besser and Seth Morris, You’re in the New […]