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The Oranges Trailer: Hugh Laurie Plus Leighton Meester

Two family trees get a very complicated commingling in the trailer for the upcoming comedy The Oranges, and see if you can follow us: We’ve got one suburban family where Hugh Laurie and Catherine Keener have raised Alia Shawkat and Adam Brody, while another couple, Oliver Platt and Allison Janney, play parents to Leighton Meester. The complicated part? Well, Laurie and Platt are longtime best friends … at least up until Laurie goes and starts an affair with Meester. (Now you get it.) Cross your fingers that Platt does not then engage in some revenge sex with Shawkat. (On the other hand, a Janney-Brody coupling? We’d probably ship it.)

Oranges Trailer: Hugh Laurie & Leighton Meester