Photos: Behind the Scenes of Woody Harrelson’s Off Broadway Show, Bullet for Adolf

Photo: Gregory Costanzo/New York Magazine

“I’ve been in love with theater for a long time,” Woody Harrelson says. He made his Broadway debut in 1985 (as an understudy in Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues), but it was two years earlier that Harrelson, working a post-college construction job in Houston, met Frankie Hyman, with whom he co-wrote Bullet for Adolf, a comedy loosely based on that summer (it opens August 8 at New World Stages). “It was the first time with no one looking after us,” Harrelson says. “I was really nuts about this girl that my friend ended up stealing from me — deservedly so, for both of them.”

Harrelson, who lives primarily in Maui, brought some island spirit to Bullet’s rehearsal space: He begins every practice with yoga (it puts the cast in “a relaxed state where your body is a vessel for this play”) and directs barefoot (“I don’t wear shoes, generally”). He also bicycles to work. “I’ve only had one accident, and it was self-inflicted,” he says. He was racing his assistant to the theater and hit a tree. “I messed up my thumb and a rib a little bit.” “Biking here” — as with directing an Off Broadway play — “you gotta have some stones.”

This story appeared in the August 6, 2012 issue of New York Magazine.

Photos: Woody Harrelson’s Bullet for Adolf