‘Pop That’ Video: French Montana, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross Put Their Pool to Proper Use

Remember a few months back, when a GQ writer went to hang out at Drake’s house and he tried to romance her with white wine spritzers and a pool-side viewing of Sixteen Candles? Yeah, that does not happen in this video, thankfully, because when Drake has friends around, they teach him how to throw a proper, actually enjoyable pool party. In the case of French Montana’s (NSFW, probably) “Pop That” video, this involves scantily-clad women, poker games, skateboards (if you’re Lil Wayne), tracksuits with no shirt underneath (if you’re Drake), questionable eyewear (also if you’re Drake), Super Soakers (if you’re the scantily-clad women), and a 24/7 door policy. That’s why it keeps switching from day to night, right? Because the pool party never stops?

‘Pop That’ Video: Hey, It’s a Rapper Pool Party