Daniel Radcliffe to Return to the Supernatural World

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 15: Actor Daniel Radcliffe attends the premiere of Woman in Black in Oktyabr Cinema on February 15, 2012 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon/Getty Images)
Daniel Radcliffe Photo: Oleg Nikishin/2012 Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe has been cast as the lead in the thriller Horns (based on Joe Hill’s novel by the same name), in which the main character wakes up one day to find himself (falsely, it seems) accused of his girlfriend’s rape and murder. On top of that, he’s sprouted horns that grant him all kinds of powers, including the gift of tongues and the ability access other people’s deepest and ugliest secrets. Seems like a good fit; it’ll obviously take a little bit of magic for audiences to accept Radcliffe in a darker role. 

Radcliffe to Return to the Supernatural World