‘Runaways’ Video: Whither Brandon Flowers’s Epaulets?

We understand, in theory, why Brandon Flowers would choose not to repurpose his famous feathered jacket for the Battle Born album cycle. The epaulets are old news and not really the vibe the Killers are going for this time around, if the galloping, Springsteen-y “Runaways” is any indication. Also, feathers seem sort of impractical in any type of runaway situation (presumably one wants to stay under the radar). Still, Vulture would like to pause and take a moment to honor that jacket, because it was awesome. Okay! Here now are your 2012 Killers, who prefer leather jackets, open roads, and giant Rubik’s Cube stages. Enjoy.

‘Runaways’ Video: Whither the Feather Epaulets?