Watch Paz de la Huerta Seduce Lee Pace in an Exclusive 30 Beats Clip

How are you coping with this summer’s brutal heat wave? The New Yorkers in the new film 30 Beats (opening this Friday in theaters and VOD) are enduring their own sweltering temperatures, but it doesn’t help that in this La Ronde–inspired tale, they’re taking every opportunity to steam up rooms even further. Take Paz de la Huerta, who’s come to doctor for Lee Pace for an “adjustment”; to judge from her eagerness to disrobe down to lingerie in the examination room, though, she’s got a whole different sort of adjustment in mind. In this exclusive clip, Pace tries to dissuade her with a high-minded analysis of her sexual desire, but Paz? Not big on the whole “being dissuaded” thing.

See Paz de la Huerta’s Exclusive 30 Beats Clip