‪‘Settle Down’ Video: Meet No Doubt at the Truck Rally‬

Not 24 hours after the release of their shiny new single, No Doubt now presents the visuals for “Settle Down,” their first studio track in eleven years. Without focusing too much on the physical attributes of the one woman in the lineup, we’d like to point out that Gwen Stefani looks exactly, crazily the same. Like, the woman could still be bopping around in ‬the “Hey Baby” video (minus the houndstooth train conductor’s hat, which, good choice, 2012 Gwen). Instead, she is dancing atop a Mac truck, and on a makeshift state fair stage, and with a bunch of enthusiastic truck-rally attendees who choreographed their dances at home beforehand. The other No Doubt guys are there, too, because this is a reunion. Anyway: Gwen Stefani! Tell us your secrets. (Do they involve time travel?)

‪‘Settle Down’ Video: No Doubt at a Truck Rally‬