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Full Skyfall Trailer: James Bond, Back From the Dead

Even after a handful of teasers and one highly dramatic Opening Ceremonies film sequence (that really had nothing to do with the movie itself, but still), our knowledge of Sam Mendes’s Skyfall was mostly limited to action sequences and the color of Javier Bardem’s wig (so, so scarily blonde). But the full trailer is finally here! And, happily, it gives a glimpse of the actual plot — Bond has been M.I.A., again! MI6 screwed up, again! — and characters that will make their debut come November. Meet Ben Whishaw’s Q, all floppy hair and nonchalance. See Ralph Fiennes — his nose restored — back in the good graces of the English government (for now?). Fear Javier Bardem, whose bad-haired villainy turns out to be equally creepy when it involves actual words. (“She’s been a bad Mommy.” Uh oh, M.) And don’t forget Daniel Craig, looking impossibly calm and debonair while talking to crazy people.  We continue to be excited about this movie.

Skyfall Trailer: James Bond, Back From the Dead