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The Spice Girls Will Perform at the Olympics After All

Photo: Ray Burmiston/Photoshot/Getty Images

The cultural offerings tied to the London Olympics — though stuffed with decidedly British things like Shakespeare, Blur, nurse parades, livestock, and cheesy official anthems — have so far been a little light on the U.K. pop treasure known as the Spice Girls. Opening Ceremonies? No Spice Girls. Pregames concerts in Hyde Park? Nary a Posh nor a Sporty. (Probably some gingers, though.) Danny Boyle’s leaked Olympics mixtape? Definitely did not include “Wannabe.” But fear not, loyal fans, for word on the street is that the Spice Girls will be reuniting for the Closing Ceremonies. Vindication! Vulture can finally get excited about hurdles and stuff now.

Spice Girls Will Perform at Olympics After All