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The Master Trailer: Paul Thomas Anderson Will Make You a Believer

Batman, Spidey, all of you Avengers … would you mind taking a powder for a bit? The full trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s long-awaited The Master just arrived, and forget all the summer movie superheroics we’ve got gracing the screen right now: This brand of beautifully shot, fully acted, intriguingly wild filmmaking is just what we need. Joaquin Phoenix stars as a dessicated Montgomery Drift alcoholic war veteran drifting through life until he meets up with Philip Seymour Hoffman, the leader of a burgeoning religious moment. Hoffman’s intrigued by the utterly unmannered Phoenix and quickly welcomes the stranger into his inner circle; his wife Amy Adams, though, is wary. Also, Landry is in it! Press play already!

See Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master Trailer