This Week In Web Videos: ‘Bathroom Thoughts’

We all do it. No one talks about it…except when they’re alone… in the bathroom.

LA-based comedy troupe Untitled Sketch Group and director J. Claude Deering present one of the simplest and most honest series this column’s seen in a while with their three-installment “Bathroom Thoughts.” Non-sequiturs abound as post-“movement” group members wax poetic about whatever the hell floats into their heads.

As a whole, the mini-series artfully presents male and female perspectives on what’s mulled and muttered during our most private time. Jokes are strong. Length is right. Editing is spot-on. Most important of all, delivery’s superior.

There’s not much more to say about this one other than: watch!

Here are three reasons you should:

1. Relatability

Bathroom Thoughts:

We’ve said it what seems like a hundred times before (but what’s actually probably three or four).The more people relate to a concept and can envision themselves in the scenario being presented, the more they’ll laugh at it, and the more popular that concept will be. Show me the person who can’t relate to talking to himself in the bathroom. I dare you. I see no one standing before me.

2. Joke barrage

Short web series episodes have to be jam-packed with jokes in order to get any foothold. Utilizing an ultra-fast, almost blackout format with quick, smart cuts is a great way to capitalize on people’s short attention spans while making them laugh.

3. Baron Vaughn

This episode is the latest for Untitled Sketch Group and the only one to feature a celebrity (in case you don’t know, Vaughn is a comedian and one of the stars on USA’s Fairly Legal). Now, I don’t want to say Vaughn’s the sole reason this video is featured on the front page of Funny or Die today, but it definitely helps, and it’s the reason I took notice. Fair? No. But ‘dems the breaks. Thus, it’s always a plus to snag a funny famous person to pop in your piece, if at all possible.

This Week In Web Videos: ‘Bathroom Thoughts’