This Week In Web Videos: Funny or Die’s ‘New Woody Allen Trailer’

I’m sorry, but I had to. I…had to. Even though Funny or Die’s freshest parody, “New Woody Allen Trailer,” isn’t anything groundbreaking. We’ve all heard Woody Allen, Owen Wilson, and Jesse Eisenberg impressions (though these are especially strong). We’ve all seen the faux movie trailer format a million times—especially in this column where I just can’t seem to get my fill (a thousand insincere apologies to you readers). And we’re all intimately familiar with the overindulgent, all-consuming neuroses that (thankfully) dominates much of today’s comedic landscape. This much I know is true.

Still, this video is effing good. A pitch perfect pinpointing of the lamenting trend that Allen started years ago and that so many others have helped him carry through the generations (From Larry David to Owen Wilson and maybe now, perhaps a bit more earnestly than the others, Jesse Eisenberg), this piece is great because it makes us feel like insiders on many different levels. From the familiarity with Allen’s auteur style to the impressions and mannerisms we’ve come to expect from all three of the fake movie’s protagonists to the underlying theme that what’s funny and popular right now is, despite how brilliant it plays, little more than ultra-successful people pretending they’re losers as they babble aloud their winding inner-monologues.

All that said, this vid only has a 63% funny rating, so I may just be completely insane and not know what’s funny at all. Why don’t you watch and let me know, so I can get some closure? Okay? Thanks!

Her are three reasons to watch, BESIDES feeding into my not-so-subtle need for validation.

1. Impressions

I’ve said many times before that impressions can be irksome, and I stand by that…when they’re bad. When they’re good, they’re kind of awesome. If, and only if, the writing’s also funny. Imitations can’t carry a piece all by their lonesome.

2. Trailer style

I can’t get e-friggin-nough of it. Beyond their baseline relatabilty (who’s NOT familiar with movie previews?), any permutation that parodies a familiar artist’s project style, like this one does, makes viewers like me feel all the more cliquey and cool.

3. Neuroticism

Apparently 37% of Funny or Die’s viewership disagrees with me here. What do you guys think? Holla at me in the comments!

This Week In Web Videos: Funny or Die’s ‘New Woody […]