comic-con 2012

They Just Showed a Trailer for the Godzilla Reboot at Comic-Con

Not the new Godzilla.

Surprise! As part of the still-ongoing Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con, producer Thomas Tull just dimmed the lights and showed a fully complete teaser trailer for the reboot of Godzilla … a movie that hasn’t even begun filming yet. “We’re going to take it really seriously,” promised director Gareth Edwards. “There’s nothing sci-fi about this movie. It’s very grounded and realistic.” So was the teaser, which showed an absolutely decimated city in dusty yellow daylight, with buildings toppled, giant holes punched through skyscrapers, and bodies strewn as though an apocalyptic bomb had been dropped. And then, finally, we pan up the back of the famous reptile and see his face briefly in profile (it’s kinda cubist) as Godzilla roars that famous roar. People were into it.

A Trailer for the Godzilla Reboot at Comic-Con