‘Turn Up the Radio’ Video: Only the Hottest Italian Hitchhikers for Madonna

And how is Madonna enjoying her European vacation this summer? France, it turns out, was kind of a bust. But Italy — well, according to the video for MDNA’s (remember that?) “Turn Up the Radio,” Madonna is doing Italy right. By which we mean that she is blowing off the paparazzi and driving around the countryside picking up extraordinarily attractive locals with no concern for their criminal record or prior commitments. “If you are hot, get in the car”: Madonna’s YOLO. Congratulations to all the very handsome male models getting their first acting break in this video (especially the trio who show up around the three minute, twenty second mark and really explore the feelings behind that hitchhiker thumb) and also to Madonna, for continuing to look remarkably good in a leotard. She just does.

Watch Madonna’s ‘Turn Up the Radio’ Video