‘Pound the Alarm’ Video: Nicki Minaj Has Feather Leg Warmers

As promised, the video for “Pound the Alarm,” another of the very loud singles from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’s poptastic back half, sends Minaj back to her native Trinidad for Carnival, and the result is more or less what you would expect — the ever-bikinied Nicki, gussied up with headdress and nipple chains, roving around with similarly clad models; random crowd members jumping up and down; snarling. But! The video does highlight a fashion concept that is woefully underrepresented in pop-star wear and one that Vulture would like to see more of, in Nicki videos or on Bunheads or wherever bedazzled costumes apply. The feather leg warmer! It’s like the feather epaulet, but better, because it doubles as a shin guard. And the feathers swish around all majestically, like a real bird. If a real bird rapped “Pound the Alarm,” would you enjoy it more? Discuss.

Watch Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pound the Alarm’ Video