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Why Stop Now Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg, Tracy Morgan, and Melissa Leo Would Like to Buy Some Drugs

… and preferably on the sooner side, so that piano prodigy Jesse Eisenberg can make it to his conservatory audition on time. First, though, Jesse has to track down some pills for his mother (Melissa Leo), who was turned away from rehab only this morning; cue Tracy Morgan, as her drug dealer Sprinkles, whose supply has run out but who is totally willing to take Eisenberg and Leo on a crosstown hunt for more. And so the zany ticking-clock antics begin! Vulture doesn’t want to spoil the trailer reveal, but yes — it involves Eisenberg giving a Shine-like piano performance while high on oxy. That’s just a “Gotta get to my audition” movie staple. Don’t worry, it always works out.

Watch the Why Stop Now Trailer