What NBC’s Chief Has to Say about ‘Community’

NBC executives talked with the press today and luckily said press pressed them on Community. Robert “Big Bossman” Greenblatt explained the Dan Harmon situation thusly:

“Every so often it’s time to make a change with a showrunner and you evaluate the creative and how the show is run and how writing staff works. Sometimes you want to freshen a show and we just decided it was time to do that with Community.”

Does this mean new Community will be like old Community or like NBC’s new less sophisticated fare? Greenblatt again: “Fans are going to get the same show that they have loved from the beginning.” How long we get to love this new old Community is uncertain to The Green Blatt:

Community is a show that’s always on the bubble, we decided to bring it back again and see what a fourth season would do for us, which isn’t to say we couldn’t decide to extend those seasons longer.”

He was also quoted as saying, “”I would categorically not rule out that it’s not the last season.”

Things aren’t looking great when the man in charge speaks about you only in double negatives. Soon he’ll be quoted as saying, “It’s not definite that something won’t not happen regarding not having it last not more episodes, not.”

What NBC’s Chief Has to Say about ‘Community’