10 Years Trailer: Channing Tatum Goes Back to High School, Again

… though we are sad to report that he does not play an undercover high school student and therefore does not jump through a gong at any point during this trailer. No, in 10 Years Channing Tatum plays an actual adult — in sport coat, no less — taking his girlfriend (played by his real-life wife, Jenna Dewan) back to his high school reunion. How does that go? Well, let us ask Rosario Dawson, who plays the high school girl who got away — and who shows up, predictably, to make moony eyes at a confused Tatum. (Side bar: What do think the Dewan-Tatum pillow talk was like during this shoot? “You did a great job pretending you don’t love me today, honey.” Yikes.) If that romantic entanglement is not enough, then Chris Pratt, Justin Long, Aubrey Plaza, Kate Mara, and Ari Graynor–plus-(fake)-baby are around to make poor decisions and sippy-cup jokes. And so is Street (Scott Porter), though you wouldn’t know it from the trailer. Give us more Street! Vulture life motto right there.

10 Years Trailer: Tatum Goes Back to High School