A Solid Amount of People Watched ‘Animal Practice’, Sadly for Them

12.8 million people watched  Animal Practice after the closing ceremonies on Sunday night. Did you guys watch? It was “ruff,” as the dogs on the show would say. The pilot was weirdly serious, like they were trying to do a parody of a medical drama but forgot to add farcical elements. It was like Childrens Hospital but instead of jokes, they had smirks and sly comments. 12.8 is a good bit less than the 16.1 million that watched the preview of Go On earlier in the week, despite Go On having a worse lead-in. It will be interesting to see if this level of respective interest holds up; however, right now, it appears that people find dead wives a lot funnier than living monkeys.

A Solid Amount of People Watched ‘Animal Practice’, […]