A Diller Week in Comedy

- Phyllis Diller died at age 95.

-  The Office will end after this season.

- Jimmy Kimmel Live is moving to 11:30.

- IFC adopted Chris Gethard.

- Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of pilots were purchased.

Arrested Development will debut in the spring, maybe with more than 10 episodes.

- We found 53 Arrested Development jokes you probably missed.

- We interviewed Rory Scovel about stand-up.

- We spoke to Paul Scheer about some of his ridiculous lost roles.

- We talked to Patrick Carlyle and Allyn Rachel about turning their web series into a Fox pilot.

- We guided you through the pre-SNL years of The Lonely Island.

- We talked to Bill Plympton about indie animation.

- We went into the archives and watched Julie Klausner’s interview with Fred & Carrie.

- We remember the silent film era by watching the comedy doc When Comedy Was King.

- We looked back at Chris Elliott’s single year on SNL.

- We followed @Girlwithatail on Twitter.

- We talked to Jake Fogelnest about his new podcast.

- We determined in the eight essential Scott Baio movies.

- We looked back at HBO’s underrated The High Life.

- We watched Jackie Brown and determined Quentin Tarantino needs a sitcom.

- We answered your questions about our totally normal christening.

Oh, yeah, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Women - “Sports”

CollegeHumor - “Charge (with Rhys Darby)”

The Bilderbergers - “Larry Woodstore doesn’t own a wood store”

Belle & Bernice: Livin’ in the City - “Salad Order”

CollegeHumor - “50 Shades of Paul”

A Diller Week in Comedy