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Antiviral Trailer: Cronenberg’s Creepy Touch Is Contagious

Body horror must run in the Cronenberg family: David Cronenberg made his name by packing his early films with ooky human transformations, and though he’s got the comparatively contained Cosmopolis coming soon, Cronenberg’s son Brandon picks up the slack with his own directorial debut, Antiviral. Set in a near future when fans are so obsessed with celebrities that they can eat cloned flesh meat from their favorite star or inject themselves with viruses that the star has already suffered through, Antiviral stars Caleb Landry Jones as a man who tries to steal a super-rare disease from a lusted-after actress by smuggling it through his own bloodstream … though that smuggled bug becomes a bit of a ticking clock when the actress appears to expire from it. Kids, don’t try that at home.

Antiviral Trailer: Cronenberg’s Contagions