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Baz Luhrmann Still ‘Thrilled’ by Gatsby, Despite Delay

Baz Luhrmann - Samsung
Baz Luhrmann. Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan

When we caught up with director Baz Luhrmann last night at Samsung’s “Meet the New Way” launch party, we tried our damnedest to find out why exactly he’d delayed his 3-D adaptation of The Great Gatsby from its winter berth to next summer. Did he simply need more time to tinker? It’s okay to be a perfectionist, after all. But a smiling Luhrmann would simply not budge. “I will tell you this, I’m just very nourished by just working on it,” he told us. “I’m just thrilled.” And a little busy? Maybe too busy to make a December release date? “Right now I’m working on music. You can imagine how involved I am in the music alone.” Noted!

Baz Luhrmann Still ‘Thrilled’ by Gatsby