Exclusive Beloved Clip: Paul Schneider Sings … in French

Paul Schneider guested on the most recent episode of The Newsroom as the man Emily Mortimer cheated on Jeff Daniels with, but what do we think tipped the scales in Schneider’s favor when it comes to allure? Well, maybe Emily got a look at this exclusive clip from Christoph Honore’s new movie musical Beloved, opening this Friday in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (and sneaking tonight at BAM), where Schneider plays a musician at odds with lover Chiara Mastroianni … and sings. In French. Bradley Cooper would no doubt approve, and Leslie Knope, who had a history with Schneider’s Mark Brendanawicz on Parks and Recreation, might do a double take.

Beloved Clip: Paul Schneider Sings in French