Bill Hader Discusses Next Year’s ‘SNL’ Goals: More Alan Alda, Less Stefon

Bill Hader is returning to SNL next season as a sort of conquering king coming back to his castle. So, does he have anything big planned for his eighth season? Simply, no, as he told Entertainment Weekly:

“I’ve learned that any time over the summer I go, ‘Ooh, I got something really good,’ I’ll give it to the writers, and they’ll go, ‘No.’ Actually, the diplomatic thing is to say, ‘That’s funny… Um, what if… we do the opposite.’”

I guess it would better to ask the writers what they’re planning for Hader.

“When you’re here for seven years, the writers know what you’re good at, and also what you do around the office that makes them laugh and they want to showcase that. Like, Colin Jost, one of the writers, loves it when I do Alan Alda, but no one can figure out how to fit Alan Alda into a sketch. So, he will.”

Yes. More Alda. But at what expense? When asked what character he’s going to “pull back on this season” Hader replied, “Maybe Stefon.” Oh, no! Is it time for Stefon? Does Alan Alda know about New York’s hottest nightclubs?

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