Billy Eichner Should Constantly Be Accidentally Meeting 70s TV Actors

Hahaha. Classic Richard Kline. All kidding aside, who is more talented: Al Roker or Flo Rida? Both their names have a similar cadence to them: Al-Roke-ER, Flo-Ride-Ah. Mr. Rida earns points for being able to turn the name of the state he’s from into a completely serviceable Hip Hop name that evokes the image of someone riding flows. Mr. Roker was able to turn his only two skills – reading a teleprompter and being generally pretty affable – into a legitimate career. I think ultimately Roker wins because have you ever heard Flo Rida’s music? Listening to it feels like lying on the floor during an earthquake and being forced to hear the entirety of the 80s smooshed into a jumble. [Via]

Billy Eichner Should Constantly Be Accidentally […]