Birbiglia Is Already Working on His Second Feature, ‘My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’

With his first feature coming out this Friday, Mike Birbiglia is already working on his follow-up. Like Sleepwalk With Me, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is based on a one-man show of Mike’s. (It’s on tour this fall.) As Mike described it to Indiewire: “It’s about how I basically decided to get married without believing in the idea of marriage…It’s about giving up on the idea of being right on things.” Even though the show My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is autobiographical, the film will not be, or at least it won’t be completely. Most notably, the lead character is not a comedian but a journalist, which is a slight yet significant shift. Mike told one of the stories on This American Life two years ago. Listen below; it’s a hilarious car wreck. Sorry, I mean it’s hilarious and involves a car wreck.

Birbiglia Is Already Working on His Second Feature, […]