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Britney X-Factor Promo Watch: Uh-oh, She’s Nice Again

Photo: FOX

After the early reports of set walk-offs and general zombiness, Vulture was heartened by the first promo for X-Factor, which showed Britney Spears saying harsh things to real, untalented people (and calling them “sweetie”). She seemed happy to be there; she seemed to enjoy the put-downs. Mean Britney was a look that we could get behind. Unfortunately, Britney’s second promo is less Mean Britney, more “Someone Told Me to Say This Thing About Waking Up in the Morning” Britney, and the effect is … not as promising. So we would like to use this opportunity to offer some unsolicited advice to childhood hero and pop legend Britney Spears, which is: Go back to the mean place. Live in the mean place. Picture Christina Aguilera’s head on the body of every single contestant you encounter, and then tell her what you thought of Bionic. Interrupt Demi Lovato mid-show and ask her why she’s never had a hit song. Just get in there and real talk, friend; it suits you.

Britney X-Factor Promo Watch: Uh-oh, She’s Nice