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Clint Eastwood Thinks Mitt Romney Is Just Handsome Enough to Be President

Director Clint Eastwood speaks with reporters as he arrives for the premiere of his latest movie

Speaking to a group of high-paying Republican donors yesterday in Sun Valley, Idaho, Clint Eastwood recalled his first encounter with Mitt Romney: a campaign ad he saw while filming Mystic River in Massachusetts ten years ago. “I said, God, this guy, he’s too handsome to be governor, but he does look like he could be president.” Eastwood then proceeded to endorse Romney as the only person capable of implementing a “decent tax system” where “people are not pitted against one another as who’s paying taxes and who isn’t.” This should put to rest any lingering conservative doubts over that seemingly pro-Obama ad Eastwood ran during Super Bowl half-time.

Clint Eastwood Endorses Mitt Romney