Come to a Live Taping of ‘It’s That Episode’ Next Thursday!

Podcasts are fun, but listening to them is generally a pretty solitary affair. But it doesn’t have to be! Come to a live taping of It’s That Episode with Craig Rowin and be surrounded by likeminded people who won’t give you a strange look for laughing out loud, unlike the folks on the subway.

Each guest will be showing a clip from a different TV show and I’ll show one as well. The show will include a clip from an episode of Band of Brothers that Connor Ratliff was cast in but he was fired by Tom Hanks before filming. There will be a clip of David Young and I as extras on a TV show in 2005, and an insane TV show crossover that you would never expect, plus more.

The live taping will take place next Thursday, August 30th at 11pm at UCBEast in NYC. The guests will be David Young (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), Henry Zebrowski (Murderfist) and Connor Ratliff (The Stepfathers). Here’s what Craig says to expect:Tickets are available now. You know what to do.

Come to a Live Taping of ‘It’s That Episode’ Next […]