life imitates art

Cops Finally Stepping Up the Hunt for Meth Cook Walter White

Real-life Walter White.

Alabama’s Tuscaloosa County has a new most wanted man in Walter White, a 55-year-old fellow in violation of his probation for methamphetamine manufacturing and trafficking. This particular meth-making Mr. White has a middle name (Eddy), is a scant few years older than AMC’s Bryan Cranston–channeled protagonist, and doesn’t, to our knowledge, hang with a Jesse Pinkman. But it’s absolutely the best Breaking Bad–meets-life situation yet, even better than that time a 74-year-old college math professor and her 29-year-old son made meth in Massachusetts right near a school and city hall. Now go feast your eyes on the Walter White–Walter White resemblance.

Cops Finally Stepping Up Hunt for Walter White